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We are glad that you have taken the time to take a look at our store.
We promise you that you would not be disappointed!

This Store is not your typical store.
We are dedicated to breaking down your preconceptions of what a product "should" cost.

Stores all over the world are bumping their prices up and forcing consumers to pay more and more than they used to.

Well, unlike the conventional sellers, we don’t operate with many physical stores with high rent, wages and distribution overheads. We have our own warehouses. There are no agents involved in the procurement process. For the rest of the operations until the dispatch of the products, we have in-house departments. That is how we eventually are able to cut the unnecessary costs out and pass that benefit on to our customers.

Our business is setup for online sales only to keep the costs down and pass on all of the savings to you.

By offering our products online we can save you up to 70% of retail prices. All our products are of great quality and come with a back or exchange guarantee.

We make customer service the most important aspect of our business. We like to offer personal and genuine customer service rather than the robotic style you get from other large corporations.

Our team of customer service staff can be contacted anytime and they are dedicated to ensuring that every one of our customer's expectations are exceeded.

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No. All snacks and sweets that are not only native but those which have a unique taste from a particular place are also brought in our fold.

Courier companies offering the best services are roped in to deliver your products safely.

exotic munchie strives to deliver the products that are fresh and systems are kept in place to source the best products and safely consign them to you. We don't stock the products but place once we receive orders. Even though we don't deny that it involves time we at Tredy Foods believe that centralising the whole despatch process would lead to economies of scale and allow quality check , aggregating the products would add value to the customers who wish to procure different products from different sources instead of routing the orders to the respective vendors.

Refunds are subjected to conditions and would differ on a case to case basis. Some of them are

When the order is inordinately delayed to be delivered say more than a weekWhen the products ordered are not available or have gone out of stock.

The products are prepared at the place where they have originated from or are well known and famous. Yes, if your choice is Halwa then it is obviously from Tirunelveli District.